Happy you’re reading my second blog in the series “What Time Is It” at www.soulcenteredselling.com. In these short blogs, we’re going to look at ego-based activities versus soul based activities and discuss how they each relate to the sales conversations we are all having.

Today, we’re going to consider the ego side, pitfall, and the soul side, opportunity.

In most sales conversation, things will invariably breakdown at some point. The prospect won’t give you information you need, they don’t return your call or they give you an outright no. Ego-based salespeople see a breakdown in the process or the conversation as a pitfall, as black hole that is going to kill the deal. Your feelings get hurt and you might even mope for a bit. Ever been there? I have.

The Soul-Centered Seller perceives that same breakdown as an opportunity. An opportunity for more understanding, for more empathy, for more questions.  An opportunity to find out what your customer really needs, what they’re thinking or maybe that one thing they’re not telling you. If you’ve built credibility and value throughout the process, you have the trust to be able to ask that tough question.

So again, please remember that the ego sells, and the soul serves. Breakdowns in the sales process, like shit, happen. Do you choose to perceive it from the ego place of pitfall, a dark crevice to fall into that’s going to kill the deal?

Or do you choose to see the breakdown from the soul centered place of it being an opportunity, an opportunity to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough, to understand better and opportunity to ask the tough questions?

This week as you execute your sales process, be aware of how you deal with these breakdowns. Pitfall, ego, Opportunity, soul. What do you choose?

Soulful selling!


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